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Owner Orientation

A New Opportunity for Owner Orientation

For a number of years, AIPC has accommodated members who wanted to bring owner representatives to the Annual Conference as part of an educational / orientation exercise. As economic challenges persist in most parts of the world, the need to understand the key role played by the meetings industry overall and convention centres specifically is greater than ever.

By sitting in on conference sessions, and hearing how and why industry conditions are developing the way they are, such participants have been able to get a better impression of what's going on in our industry and something of an education that assists them in understanding the issues we face and the level of competition that is a reality for us all in today's market. In particular, members have found this a useful addition to the information required when contemplating an expansion of other major investment.

As such informal participation has proven to be of benefit and unobtrusive, we are now offering this opportunity to members on a more formal basis by letting you all know that we're prepared to accommodate such attendance at AIPC 2015 in Boston. This will be a conference rich with information about where we stand in terms of recovery and finances, what the future trends are that may affect business opportunities and what other centres are doing to address their own concerns – just the sort of information that will help give owner representatives the kind of insights they need to feel more comfortable with their role and responsibilities relative to a centre.

And as well as simply providing access to general sessions and the networking activity that surrounds the Conference, we will, if there is sufficient interest, add another benefit in the form of a side session specifically for them in which we will provide an overall industry orientation, an opportunity to ask more specific and detailed questions in a more managed environment and a chance to engage with each other to compare notes.
Participants will be required to register* at the non-member rate but will have access to all general sessions as well as social / networking activities and, if numbers justify it, the special orientation session described above. For more detailed information, contact the AIPC Secretariat office.

The AIPC Annual Conference has been a huge educational opportunity for members for many years. This new initiative will provide an opportunity to also use it as an educational vehicle for one of our most important audiences – our owner representatives. And with the Conference only a few months away, now is the time to start thinking now about how you could put this new member benefit to work for you!

*In order to maintain the intent of this program, invitations are restricted to government or political representatives only and will not be extended to third party management or consulting representatives. In this regard, and in order to ensure the integrity of the conference, the AIPC Board of Directors reserves the absolute right to confirm the participation of any proposed attendees.

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