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This Year’s Theme: Engagement!

One of the most important issues in both the convention centre and overall Meetings Industry today is how to build value from hosted events that includes not just revenues but also the benefits associated with better engagement with local business, professional and academic communities. But while this has a growing priority for a number of years there has only been limited success in translating it into tangible and measureable programs and reflecting it in destination positioning.
As a result, AIPC’s 2015 Annual Conference in Boston will place a major focus on this aspect of centre planning and programming, illustrating the principles and opportunities from both a specific centre perspective as well the broader principles driving the agendas of these key community groups.

A Session Overview:

The 2015 Boston Program will cover a wide range of topics and updates in addition to the sessions specifically associated with our overall program theme. Included in the mix will be:

  • Safety and Security Revisited

    With new threats and security challenges emerging on a regular basis, convention centres need to be at the forefront of safety and security policies and procedures. But huge changes in technology, communications, health issues and terrorist strategies have left many older tactics and relationships far behind in today’s world. Furthermore, centres never operate in isolation, but must mesh their procedures with those of other community and national agencies. This session will explore how things have changed around the world – and what key centres are doing to make sure they are prepared for whatever challenges they may face.
  • Innovation Award 2015: the New Crop!

    Once again, the best ideas in the industry will be on display as members compete for the special recognition that accrues to innovation leaders! A new addition will be a rapid-fire series of presentations to orient delegates to the range of offerings following which there will be the traditional poster session that enables final clarification of your favourites before casting your own vote!
  • Touching Base: Key Client Updates

    This year’s focus will be on the association sector, and with senior representation from three global association organizations from Europe, the US and Canada, it will be one of the most comprehensive ever. As the customer base that did the most to get us all through the darkest days of the recent recession, this area is of intense ongoing interest – but a lot more is expected from centres that in the past as our panelists will be quick to point out.
  • Industry Partners: What’s Up in the Hotel World?

    Depending on the situation, the hotel community can be our best friends, our biggest competitors or major obstacles that we need to come to terms with in order to land centre business. One of the most important global authorities on this sector will share with us why what’s happening in this sector matters, including providing an overview of trends in such areas as ownership, product development, industry interfaces and the all-important question of where rates are heading in a recovering economy.
  • New Event Technologies: What Really Matters to Centres

    Enough with the new app’s! This session will bypass the generalities and focus specifically on technology initiatives and advances that actually matter to centre managers. Topics will include not only new developments but the all-important questions about which ones are must-haves; which will create a competitive advantage and where centres can achieve cost-recovery from an increasingly sensitive customer base.
  • Recovery in Context: the Results of our Annual Performance and Confidence Surveys

    Tracking the trends and enabling regional breakouts and comparisons are just two of the evolving features that have made our annual benchmarking survey more than just a performance tool. This year, the critical topic of how centres are interacting with DMO’s will also be explored, with highlights on where innovative new relationships are developing and how these are working out. Delegates will be the first to see the all-new data for 2015!

A Special New Conference Component: The CFO Summit at AIPC Boston

This breakout session specifically target a growing interest in an in-depth exploration of the financial and performance aspects of centre management. Featuring CFO`s and administrative heads from around the world, it will review experiences, practices and strategies in these key areas and report back to the conference plenary on their conclusions and recommendations for further action.

Amongst potential topics for consideration are such areas as how industry economics are changing in the face of new client expectations and third-party negotiators, strategies for major project financing, including capital cost management, current use of financial and event management systems and strategies for new revenue development and management


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